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U-CUP Rack

A carousel-like rotating rack for easy and correct postioning of U-CUP disposable bioreactor kits!


The U-CUP rack is made of anodized aluiminium and has been specifically designed to provide long-term stability during operation in an incubator environment for cell culture.

The main characteristics of the U-CUP rack can be summarised as follows:

  • It can host up to 10 U-CUP disposable bioreactor kits
  • It fits entirely in a typical incubator for cell cultures
  • It allows good visibility and easy access of all bioreactors mounted on the rack.
  • It allows for an efficient organisation of the bioreactors and particularly of tubes going from the syringe pump to the single U-CUP disposable bioreactor kits.
  • It makes a compact and safe arrangement, and if required, easy transportation of the U-CUP disposable bioreactor kits from one place to another.
In summary, with such a rack a particularly comfortable and efficient correct handling of multiple bioreactors requiring comparably few space is provided.

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